Chrysler, Jeep & Dodge Parts Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

The talented London City Chrysler Jeep parts team has over 100 years of experience and we look forward to helping you acquire your next automotive part.

There are three basic options for a vehicle parts replacement.

OEM stands for Original Equipment manufacturer. Basically it means that these parts are identical to the original part on your vehicle. As these type of parts are from the factory you can be assured of top quality and that the part meets all the original specifications. OEM parts are generally covered for one year of warranty and possibly more when coupled with an extended warranty plan.

2) After Market parts:
An after market part is usually produced by a secondary party and are copies of OEM parts. Aftermarket parts are often good to fair replicas of OEM parts and are built by companies not associated with the primary auto manufacturer. While aftermarket pieces are less expensive than their OEM counterparts, they also may suffer in terms of quality, fit and finish. Aftermarket parts are great to get a car back up to speed if the budget is an issue and fit/quality is not an issue.

3) Salvage parts:
Salvage yards generally do an excellent job of stripping parts from vehicles. Good used factory parts are a great way to save money and acquire an OEM specified piece at the same time. Obviously, used parts are subject to wear and are highly variable in their quality and usability. Warranties on used parts vary from 30 days to 1 year and must be determined on an individual basis. Should you determine that a used component is your best choice, be sure to ask what the warranty is.

Researching parts:

One of the key systems a dealer will utilize to find a part is utilizing an electronic parts catalogue system. Each part on virtually any vehicle made has a part number for each component. Locating the correct part number is a vital step to procuring the correct component. As well, there is available on-line electronic or PDF manuals and Mitchell automotive manuals often found at your local library.

Add-On Accessories:

There are a whole range of automotive accessories available for virtually any make or model of vehicle. These range from OEM perfect fit to after market general fit products. Depending on the application of an added accessory, if it is not approved for the vehicle then it may void a warranty. When in doubt ask your service advisor for advice.

Enjoy your vehicle and please drive safely.


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